Social Learning For STEM In Primary Education

Supports teachers, students and their parents in creating unique teaching methods and resources of STEM. Shares and implements it within communities of interest.
Virtual Library

A place dedicated to keep relevant documents, research studies, articles and other sorts of information regarding STEM learning. Where teachers can upload/download (free of charge) teaching tools and materials.

Virtual Teachers' Room

Where teachers from all EU can directly connect with each other not only to share teaching materials and practices but also their thoughts, ideas and experiences. Where teachers can engage in the discussions of teaching theories and methods for STEM learning of young students.

DIY Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery for parents from all EU countries to share their home activities and Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. List of activities and DIY projects available for parents to experiment at home with their children and siblings.

What we do

This project is dedicated for sharing knowledge and experience between teachers, parents and students studying or interested in education field. Through hands-on activities and based on the logic of the Social Learning Theory, “CREATEskills” will contribute to the development of the XXI century skills among students.

Who we are

The “CREATEskills” project is designed to develop and implement innovative practices, tools and methodologies in primary schools for the establishment of STEM studio (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classrooms, improving the quality and relevance of the learning process in primary education.